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In an effort to increase financial interests, some General Contractors began to practice a “Design-Build” concept. They took over the lead role, while the Architect was either eliminated or reduced to a supporting role. Contrary to the Master Builder concept, “Build” now became primary, while “Design” became secondary. These types of Design-Build firms often design the buildings themselves, without the formal training and artistic integrity of the Master Builder.

In the cases where Architects are still involved, they are required by the Design-Builder to produce buildings that are easy to build and make the most profit for the Contractor. Most importantly, there is no longer anyone looking out for the best interests of the Owner.

The Princeton Companies passionately practices a different Design-Build concept, one based on the traditional Master Builder role. By providing complete project delivery, from initial schematic design through final building completion, we are able to furnish our clients with a beautiful and economical design, executed through a smooth construction process.

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